Ascendance of a Bookworm Wiki
Top Ten Rules
  1. There are 3 official English translations (Anime Subbed, Anime Dubbed, and Light Novel) and the series is also translated into other languages, to avoid any problems and reader confusion, this wiki uses the spellings from the Light Novel, except for major deviations (such as when the Light Novel changes the word entirely) in those rare situations we use direct translations, the same as are used on the Japanese Wiki.
  2. This wiki is focused on the Light Novel content, but pages for content not in the anime need a spoiler banner at the top for our anime-only fans.
  3. If it's not translated, it doesn't belong on this wiki.
  4. The only material not actively being translated are the Audio Drama's. They are permitted their own pages. All spoilers from them must remain on those pages.
  5. Prep work can be done for pre-pub material. Do not link to prep-pages ANYWHERE on the wiki until the official publication.
  6. Do not mess with the color scheme or background. Backgrounds are pulled from the official website, yellow is the official color for the Myne character and the accent matches the background or the TO-Books Website. Backgrounds are adjusted to match their content and the website background matches the color of the most recent theme of the TO-Books Website.
  7. Do not alter or edit any templates without explicit permission from an admin. Exceptions to this are the Character List and LN Illustration Templates.
  8. No fan art allowed.

Main Page Guidelines
  1. No messing with it, without discussing it in the Discord first.
  2. Try to keep Light Novel spoilers off of the Main Page, we have lots of anime onlys.
  3. Update images in the slider to most recent releases. I.e use most recent promo art for the anime and the most recent (English!) LN or manga cover for the Light novel or manga.
  4. No fan art.

Translation Exceptions
  1. Shikikoza, not Shikza. JNC decided to use a misogynistic slur in place of this characters name, as such we use Shikikoza.