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Ehrenfest (エーレンフェスト Ērenfesuto) is the medieval city where Ascendance of a Bookworm takes place. It's ruled by nobles with magical powers and has a rigid class system.


The city originally consisted of only the area now known as the Noble's Quarter. When the first Aub of Ehrenfest dethroned the previous lord 200 years ago, the city was expanded to include the lower city as a show of power and wealth of the new lord.

Prior to the expansion of the city, the temple was originally an inn that served as a front gate while travelers were investigated. The gate that once led to the old city is now called the Noble's Gate.[1]


Downtown is the southern half of Ehrenfest, separated from the northern half by the church. Downtown is the location of the homes and businesses of the commoners; the level of quality of the buildings ranges from “rundown shack” to “grand manor”.

The downtown section of Ehrenfest does not have a school; instead, children receive an education in a particular career through a business apprenticeship following their baptism.

Noble District

The Noble District is located in the northern half of the city, separated from the commoners southern half by the church. The Noble District is an opulent suburb, with all residential buildings being large mansions.

Unlike Downtown, the Noble District does have a school, in fact, a noble is only considered a true noble if they attend and graduate from the nobles' academy. This school teaches nobles how to use their large amounts of Mana to cast spells.

Knight Order

The Knight Order is a battalion of knights who serve as the primary defense force in the city of Ehrenfest. The Knight order is made up entirely of nobles who can use magic.

Karstead is the commander of the Knight order.


The temple is the primary place of worship to the Gods. Although there are small shrines throughout Ehrenfest, the temple within the city is the only one in the territory. It sits directly on the border between Downtown and the Noble District.

The holy scriptures are kept there and read during each of the different ceremonies which happen each season.

At the beginning of each season, the temple holds a ceremony where all children that have come of age receive their baptism, a ritual in which their citizenship is officially recognized. Following the baptism, children become eligible for business apprenticeships.

The priests within the temple mainly fall into two groups: nobles, and orphans who had nowhere else to go. They are identified by the color of their robes; blue for nobles and gray for orphans.

Within the temple, there is a hierarchy of command, from highest to lowest, the hierarchy goes:

  • The High Bishop
  • The Head Priest
  • Blue-Robed Priests
  • Apprentice Blue-Robed Priests
  • Gray-Robed Priests
  • Apprentice Gray-Robed Priests
  • Unbaptized Orphans

Blue-robed priests hold high authority within the Temple and are the ones who conduct religious ceremonies. Gray-robed priests, however, do menial labor around the Temple and work as servants to the blue-robes.

The caste system also plays a part in how food is distributed. Blue-robes eat first, then the gray-robes get their leftovers, the orphans get the leftovers from that.


Bookworm part 1 Vol 3 Chapter - Strategy meeting and the temple . Even the picture of the Church it says temple in the description.


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