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Delia (デリア Deria) is an orphans who become apprentice gray-robe priestess of the church. Delia is assigned as one of Main's attendants by the High Bishop to spy on her.

She dreams of being the mistress of Bishop and living in luxury.


Delia is notably less than subtle and she can be quite rude.


She was an unbaptized orphan when the blue priests started to leave the temple, severely decreasing Alm’s of the God's for the orphanage. Delia managed to survive to her seventh year for her baptism, but severely traumatized by her suffering in the orphanage. She is chosen to serve the High Bishop because of her beauty and educated to be a future mistress.


When Main joins the church, the High Bishop decided to assign Delia as one of her retainers to spy on her. With both of them being young girls, the High Bishop believed that she would be able to get close to Main. Delia botched this plan almost immediately by being rude and bluntly stating to Main that she was the High Bishops spy.

A young baby is left a the church, who Delia names Dirk. Main suggests she can be the big sister to the baby and Delia takes that onboard and became the main caregiver of Dirk. Dirk comes down with the sickness and Delia is very worried but Main recognize it as a sign of the devouring. Confirmed by the Head Priest, help and special care is then put in place to take care of him. Dirk has mid level mana and will die quickly from the devouring unless looked after.

Delia reports this to High Bishop who then promises her that the baby will be adopted, she then takes the baby out of the orphanage with out Main’s permission. This leads to her being dismissed by Myne.

Soon after that the attack on the temple by the High Bishop and the Count Bindewald, Delia is betrayed by the High Bishop when she realises that Dirk will only be used as for his mana. The Count uses a feystone on Dirk to take his mana and almost kills him. Delia is shocked with the now limp baby in her arms. Near the end of the battle Delia asked Main to help protect him and she joins her behind her shield.

After the battle is over Jilvester looks around and starts to give out punishment to those who remain. Main ask Jilvester to be lenient with her but is then told to give her punishment. Main’s punishment was that Delia was to remain in the orphanage never to be allowed out or to became anyones attendant.

Delia becomes Dirks primary carer in the orphanage.

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