Myne's devouring

The Devouring is the condition that ails Main. This rare condition is caused by mana growing inside their body but with no channel to use the excess that bring harm to the body. According to Main, the fever/mana overwhelmed and consumed the original Main, explaining why this condition is referred to as "Devouring" or "Consuming".

This condition only happens to commoners in general, because, unlike nobles, they don't have access to magical items. So only with money and connection with nobles commoners have the means to live, either by contract or buying broken magical tools. One can also get the Devouring under control by keeping their emotion in check, striving towards their goal and not letting despair take root.

Symptoms of the Devouring are:

  • Stunted growth
  • High fever
  • Sensitive to change of temperature
  • Poor stamina


Nobles look at commoners born with mana with distaste, as they want to monopolize mana for themselves, so devouring victims who made a contract with nobles to survive are not treated well in most cases. It's also extremely difficult for them to get a contract with nobles without money and connections.

This changes when mana shortage happens due to political upheaval in the country, where devouring children are seen as a new source of mana.

Known People Affected

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