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Effa (エーファ ) is Myne's mother.


After Myne awakes from her fever, she describes her mom, Efa, as a mid-20s woman with green hair, nearly jade in color, and having fine features. She has green eyes.


Effa is the daughter of a former soldier in Ehrenfest. Through her father Effa met her future husband Gunther, who was a junior soldier under Effa's father's command. Gunther pursued Effa with enthusiasm, eventually convincing Effa and her father to allow them to marry.

Effa dyes clothes and fabrics for a living and is an excellent seamstress. In the peasant class of Ehrenfest, a woman's desirability comes from her household skills, with sewing being the most important skill to know. Effa is considered to be a "beauty" for her ability in sewing.

Effa would later have three children with Gunther. Her oldest, Tuuli, and her youngest daughter, Myne, and her youngest child, her son, Kamill. In addition to her work, Effa spent a lot of time caring for Myne who was a very sickly child.

Effa does her best to support her daughters in their interests. She was able to refer Tuuli to become an apprentice seamstress and encourage Myne's determination to become stronger and better herself.


Effa is a good natured, hard-working member of the peasant class of Ehrenfest. She is a loving wife and mother to Gunther and her children.

Effa and Tuuli share a lot of the same mannerisms and interests. They are both considered attractive and practical people with an interest in sewing and related skills. Effa is highly creative in general. She was able to pick up making lace work from Myne after only a few hours.

Effa does display anger and exasperation at her family when they are being eccentric or wasteful.Gunther and Myne in particular are known to draw her ire.

Effa loves her family deeply and would do anything to protect them. Even going as far as to risk execution for defying a noble to protect Myne.


  • Effa admires Benno's younger sister, Corina for her ability as a seamstress. Corina is an influential member of the seamstress guild, so Effa becomes very flustered when Corina asks to see her sewing work on Myne's Baptism dress.
  • Many of the neighborhood ladies still can't believe Effa agreed to marry Gunther. Effa was considered a very desirable marriage candidate with many options, while Gunther was considered to be very goofy and a dreamer.
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