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Effa’s family consists of her husband, Gunther, and her three children, Tuuli, Myne and Kamil.


While Effa was slow to fall in love with Gunther, his determined courtship eventually won her over. They are now happily married and have a good relationship. While Effa is occasionally exasperated by her husband’s childishness, she loves his affection for his family and his stubborn resolve to protect them.


Effa has a good relationship with her oldest daughter, Tuuli, who resembles her the most out of all her children. They share the same kind, hardworking attitude and both enjoy working with thread and fabric. Effa teaches Tuuli how to sew, encourages her to pursue her dreams, and helps her secure an apprenticeship as a seamstress.


When Myne was young, Effa spent several years devoted to caring for her sickly daughter. She was delighted when Myne’s health seemed to improve, because she used to fear that she might die at any moment.

Because Myne is prone to rush into trouble without considering her poor consititution, Effa spends a lot of time scolding her to be more careful. She acknowledges Myne’s weakness and wants her to focus on getting healthy and strong. When Myne begins to create new recipes and products, Effa is initally quite surprised. However, she is supportive of her dreams and encourages her to pursue whatever she wants, provided she can take care of herself.


Kamil is Effa's youngest child. As with her other children, Effa is supportive and loving toward him.



Effa is friends with Karla, Lutz’s mother. Effa is often privy to her complaints about her sons, but mostly ignores them. They often talk about family-related matters.


Effa is deeply grateful to Lutz, Myne's friend, for helping Myne become healthier and supporting her, as well as watching over her health. She recognizes his hard work and defends him even from his mother's proetsts, saying that she wouldn't mind having him as her son[1]. She also supports his dream of becoming a merchant.

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Effa has a deep respect for Corinna, who is a renowned seamstress. When they eventually meet, she is quite nervous and worried about making a good impression. She feels honored that Corinna is interested in the design of Myne's baptismal dress.

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