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When Myne wakes up from her fever with Urano's memories, Effa is the first person she sees in the new world[1].

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Part 4 Volume 5

Shortly after the remodelling of the lower city happened, the Gilberta Company spreads both a new dying technique and information on an old technique that almost entirely disappeared some decades ago when a noble from another duchy married into Ehrenfest and changed the fashion trends basically over night, which caused all fashion to become based on single-coloured clothes. They also announce that in autumn a competition would be held, where cloth dyed with these two techniques would be judged by nobles, with a chance for the winner to be granted a newly created title.

Apart from the chance to win nobles as customers, this also came with the chance to earn the exclusive business of the archduke's adopted daughter, High Bishop Rozemyne[2].

While many of Effa's coworkers see this as only a stepping stone for their careers, for Effa it is mainly a chance to once again get in contact with her daughter. With parents being responsible to make the clothes of their children, dyeing the cloth that Rozemyne would then wear also felt like she was still caring for her daughter, despite the distance between them.

Because of this Effa throws herself into learning the new dyeing technique and leverages her knowledge of Rozemyne's preferences and looks, as well as Tuuli's growing expertise as a seamstress to full effect.

During the time spent on developing their respective skills Effa's coworkers - York in particular - complain that with her daughter making Lady Rozemyne's hairpins she had an unfair advantage and was already as good as chosen, even if she only put in a lacklustre effort.

Offended by this Effa suggests to only have the examples labeled with numbers, so the judging nobles would only learn the names of the craftspeople after having chosen their favourite products, thus eliminating any chance of favouritism. She trusts that the love she pours into her dyeing will reach her daughter.

This suggestion catches York completely off guard and he warns her that once the suggestion is made to the guild there would be no taking it back, but Effa stands firm and so the suggestion is made to the guild, who agrees and imprements it.

Within their own workshop York's and Effa's pieces are chosen to participate in the competition and due to their good work they both manage to earn orders from nobles, albeit Lady Rozemyne does not award any titles and exclusive business to any of the competitors yet, leaving Effa frustrated that her love was unable to reach her daughter.

Despite not getting a title, York getting a commission of a noble is still enough to earn him his Beruf, leading him to be in an exceptionally good mood.

When Effa voices her frustration of not getting the High Bishop's exclusive business, York cheers her up by admitting that he misjudged her and that her skills are indeed formidable. He further goes to encourage her to compete again at the next dyeing competition in the following spring, saying she hasn't lost her chance yet. She takes this to heart and vows to herself to do better at the next competition in spring[3].

Part 4 Volume 7

Despite this expectation, it didn't take to spring after all. Still during the winter, the Gilberta Company visited Lady Rozemyne in the temple to discuss a hairstick order and while presented the high bishop with three examples of dyed cloth to decide which would be turned into her next spring dress. At the occasion Rozemyne - with some rather unsubtle help from Tuuli - was able to select the cloth dyed by Effa and declared the "anonymous" dyer who made the cloth to have her exclusive dyer and granted her the title of renaissance[4].

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