The Duchy of Ehrenfest is a region on the Eastern edge of the Sovereignty (the kingdom). It is currently governed by Jilvester Ehrenfest, holding the position of Aub (indicating that he governs the area with the full authority and trust of the Sovereign) and the title of Archduke (indicating that, among duchies, this one is particularly powerful and likely has special trust and confidence of the Sovereign).

The capital of the territory is the City of Ehrenfest.

The territory is bordered by the following other territories:

  • The duchy of Ahrensbach to the South
  • The duchy of Klassenberg to the North
  • The duchy of Frenbeltag to the Southwest
  • The duchy of Zausengas to the Northwest
  • An unnamed other nation to the East/Northeast


Several years ago there was a coup within the Sovereignty. Though Ehrenfest formally stayed neutral in the conflict, many nobles from the region died and others moved to other territories. Due to this, Ehrenfest, like all nations of the Sovereignty, is suffering a severe shortage of mana, causing much difficultty. Many nobles who had been sent to the church were recalled to their families, in turn causing a secondary mana shortage in the church.


According to the Scripture, the world was created when the lonesome God of Darkness come together with the Goddess of Light, and together, they had four children; the Goddess of Water, Fruhtrane; the God of Fire, Leidenschaft; the Goddess of Wind, Schutzaria; and the Goddess of Earth, Geduldh.

One day, the God of Life, Ewigleben fell in love with the Goddess of Earth at first sight and the two were married, but his was a jealous and possessive love, and so he trapped her in a block of ice creating the season of winter. The Goddess of Light thawed the ice and the Goddess of Water washed away the ice, along with the God of Life, creating the season of spring.

The God of Fire unleashed a wave of warmth to help the land prosper, creating the season of summer. The Goddess of Wind called on a powerful gale to keep the God of Life away, creating the season of autumn.

Then returns winter, season of the God of Life.


Each season and its corresponding deity has its own corresponding color:

  • Spring and the Goddess of Water correspond to the color green, the color that represents life in bloom after the harsh winter.
  • Summer and the God of Fire correspond to the color blue, the color of the warm sky which all life grows toward,
  • Autumn and the Goddess of Wind correspond to the color yellow, the color of wheat harvested in preparation for the coming freeze.
  • Winter and the Goddess of Earth correspond to the color red, the color of the crackling fire that keeps people warm against the cold.
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