Ewigleben (A-vig-Lay-bin) is the God of Life. His symbol is a sword and his noble color is white.[1] 


Long ago, Ewigleben fell in love with the Goddess of Earth, but his love was a possessive one, and so he trapped her in ice.

After the Goddess of Light freed the Goddess of Earth, he tried to reclaim his bride, but was stopped by the Goddess of Wind.

Gods of Life

Twelve gods serve Ewigleben.

  • God of Alcohol, Vantole
  • God of Cooking,
  • God of Longevity,
  • God of Dreams,
  • God of Snow,
  • God of Treasure,
  • God of Marriage, Air Vermin


  • His name translates from German to mean "Eternal Love"
  • Prayers for blessings have a very low chance of being granted when calling upon Ewigleben along with other deities due to Ewigleben's role in the seasons.
  • The sword replaces the jack on Main's playing cards.[1]


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