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Ferdinand (フェルディナンド Ferudinando ) is the head priest in the church of Ehrenfest, as well as the patron and educator of Main in the temple. Ferdinand teaches and guides her to be a 'proper' shrine maiden and noblewoman.

He becomes a regular character in Ascendance of a Bookworm at the start of Part 2.


Ferdinand is described as a sharp-minded, calm, and dignified individual, so he comes across as a lot older than he really is, leading many people to be surprised by his real age.

He has a bit of a fussy personality, leading him to take on all sorts of responsibilities, including Main's education. Ferdinand is meritocratic in spite of his social status, despising incompetence and laziness the most, and earning him the reputation of a harsh disciplinarian who would cut off anyone who couldn't meet his standard. The same trait leads him to favor Main ever since their first interaction, calling her worthwhile to educate.

Due to his harsh past, Ferdinand tends to be secretive and distant even to his companions. He is also poor at showing emotion, and interacting with Main helps him to be more expressive and human.


Ferdinand joined the temple on the suggestion of his older brother to avoid noble politics. Despite (or due to) being the second in rank in the temple, most of the day to day administration is handled by him.


Ferdinand is the priest who assists Main to register her citizenship during her baptism ceremony. They meet properly for the first time when Main visited the temple to discuss her apprenticeship, he is assigned by the High Bishop to read the scripture to her. Observing her high learning ability and dedication to read, he remarks teaching her would be worthwhile.

During the discussion, they find out that Main has the Devouring and brought up the sacred chalice to test her. Confirming her status as a mana user, Ferdinand requests her to bring her parents for a meeting. During the second meeting, Ferdinand decides to stay his hand, thinking that the high-handed approach of the High Bishop, while deplorable, is more efficient. He regrets his inaction when Main lets her mana crush the High Bishop and stopped her before she killed him. He then accepts Main's conditions to join the temple, accommodating her as much as he could.

When Main joins the temple, Ferdinand assigns her one of his own retainers to help and guide her in becoming a "proper" priestess. When he informs the High Bishop, the elder priest decided to give Main one of his own retainers as well, as a means to spy on her; as well as give her the church’s worst problem child.


  • He serves as the narrator for the anime.
  • His principle is to only start a fight he can win.
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