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Feybeasts are beasts which are able to wield mana. Upon their death the mana within their bodies hardens into feystones. If the feystone is touched in any way, like being hit or scraped by a knife, any bodyparts still connected to the stone will melt away, making butchering a feybeast for meat work that requires great care[1].

Header.pngList of Feybeast Species

Name Habitat First Mention Information


Unknown A bahelm (バッヘルム, Bahherum) looks like a winged cow with several horns on its head, from which one of the horns was long and sharp like a unicorn's horn and two other ones were big, long and sprawling like an elk's horns. The legs look muscular with sharp claws protruding from its paws reminding like a tiger or lion.


Ehrenfest, Mount Lohenberg A bataffe (バートアッフェ, Baatoaffe) is a weak monkey-like feybeast that is able to swim. They are usually encountered in groups of around thirty and make shrieking noises "Scree! Scree!". To intimidate their opponents they can show their teeth.[2]


Ehrenfest, Mount Lohenberg An eiderot (アイデロート, Aiderooto) is a feybeast that looks like a giant salamander and a frill-necked lizard combined together[3]. It can spit fire by opening its mouth[2]


Ehrenfest, Goddesses' Bath An eifinte (アイフィント, Aifinto) is a treeborn and nimble feybeast that is described as a squirrel the size of a cat with two horns protruding from its head[4].


An eitze (アイツェ, Aitse) is a cat-like feybeast.


A fetze (フェルツェ, Ferutse) emerges after a zantze grows and evolves.


A goltze (ゴルツェ, Gorutse) is a strong feybeast and the last evolution stage of a zantze. It is much taller than a zantze, reaching heights of a two-story-tall building.


A grun (グリュン, Guryun) looks like Rozemyne's highbeast Lessy. It seems to resemble a lesser panda.


A hundertteilen (フンデルトタイレン, funderutotairen) is a feybeast that splits into smaller pieces when attacked like a talfrosch.


Ehrenfest, Mount Lohenberg Riesefalkes (リーズファルケ, Riizufaruke) are large, fierce birds of prey with sharp claws that nest on Mount Lohenberg. Their eggs are valuable materials but taking too many angers the God of Fire Leidenschaft.


A schnesturm (シュネティルム, Shunetirumu) is a feybeast resembling a white sabertooth. It is a winter feybeast and a possible Lord of Winter.


A shumil (シュミル, Shumiru) is a weak feybeast looking like a rabbit. Due to its cute appearance and small size it is a popular pet kept by nobles. They usually have golden eyes and dark-blue fur.[5]

Shumil are weak enough that even commoner children can hunt them for their meat and more, and earn a little extra money by selling the feystones[1]. Their cries sound like "pooey" (ぷひ, Puhi).


A siltze (ズィルツェ, zirutse) is a cat-like feybeast.


A spinne (シュピンネ, Shupinne) is a feybeast whose thread is an expensive sturdy material. The thread is not easy to handle.


A talfrosch (タルクロッシュ, Tarukurosshu) is a toad-like feybeast of varying size. They eat each other to grow and split again into multiple smaller frogs when injured sufficiently. Only when they have split into their smallest size can the individual small toads be killed. It has a stretchy and springy tongue to grab foes from a distance.

They are generally seen as merely a nuisance rather than a true threat, since they never wander into inhabitet areas and are easily dealt with by trained knights. Due to their gross appearance however they are loathed, particularly by female knights.[6]


A ternisbefallen (ターニスベファレン, Taanisubefaren) is a big black dog-like feybeast that absorbs mana. To defeat it, one needs black weapons blessed by the God of Darkness.


A warf (ボルフェ, Borufe) is used in the game of warf. When struck, it curls up comparable to an armadillo or a pill bug. Their hides are very tough and can easily withstand a large amount of blunt force[7].


A wolfeniel (ヴォルヘニール, Woruheniiru) is a dog-like feybeast that preys on the ones with less mana but are submissive to others with more mana.


A zantze (ザンツェ, Zantse) is a cat-like feybeast which is about knee-high and not particularly strong. It evolves through absorbing mana, by eating ruelles or other feybeasts. The next evolution is called fetze.


Name Japanese Romaji Assumed
Bataffe バートアッフェ Baatoaffe
  • Bad (DE)
  • Affe (DE)
  • Bath
  • Monkey
Bahelm バッヘルム Bahherumu
  • Buffalo (EN)
  • Hörner (DE)
  • Buffalo
  • Horns
Eiderot アイデロート Aiderooto
  • Eidechse (DE)
  • Rot (DE)
  • Lizard
  • Red
Eifinte アイフィント Aifinto
  • Eichhörnchen (DE)
  • Finte
  • Squirrel
  • Feint
Eitze アイツェ Aitse
  • Eisen (DE)
  • Katze (DE)
  • Iron
  • Cat
Fetze フェルツェ Ferutse
  • Felsen
  • Katze
  • Rock
  • Cat
Goltze ゴルツェ Gorutse
  • Gold (DE)
  • Katze (DE)
  • Gold
  • Cat
Grun グリュン Guryun
  • Grün
  • Green
Hundertteilen フンデルトタイレン funderutotairen
  • Hundert (DE)
  • Teilen (DE)
  • Hundred
  • Split
Riesefalke リーズファルケ Riizufaruke
  • Riese (DE)
  • Falke (DE)
  • Giant
  • Falcon
Schnesturm シュネティルム Shunetirumu
  • Schneesturm (DE)
  • snowstorm
Siltze ズィルツェ Zirutse
  • Silber (DE)
  • Katze (DE)
  • Silver
  • Cat
Spinne シュピンネ Shupinne
  • Spinne (DE)
  • Spider
Talfrosch タルクロッシュ Tarukurosshu
  • Tal (DE)
  • Frosch (DE)
  • Valley
  • Frog
Ternisbefallen ターニスベファレン Taanisubefaren
  • Finsternis (DE)
  • Befallen (DE)
  • Darkness
  • Infest
Warf ボルフェ Borufe
  • Warf (DE)
  • Threw
Wolfeniel ヴォルヘニール Woruheniiru
Zantze ザンツェ Zantse
  • Sand (DE)
  • Katze (DE)
  • Sand
  • Cat



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