Freida (フリーダ Furīda) is a character in the Ascendance of a Bookworm series, and the granddaughter of Gustav.


Similar to Myne, Freida suffers from the Devouring and thus has a stunted growth that makes her appear younger than she actually is. Her grandfather, who is the Guildmaster of the Merchant Guild, used his vast wealth and connections to buy Freida magic tools that would slow down the Devouring and prolong Freida's lifespan.


Freida acts very mature and formal for her age, largely due to her family's connection with nobles. She is sly and cunning in her business senses which allows her to foresee potential business opportunities where other's may not.


She meets Myne and Lutz and is happy to receive the hair ornament, having desired one since seeing Tuuli wear one.


  •  Freida is one of the few devouring children shown besides Myne.
  • According to others, she is the one the most like her grandfather in her family.
  • Her hobbies include counting, saving, and seeing her money.
  • She loves having tea and pound cake with friends, especially female ones.
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