Fruhtrane (Froo-Tray-na) is the Goddess of Water and the season of Spring. Her symbol is a cane and her noble color is green. Fruhtrane heals Geduldig and sprouts life.[1]

To gain her blessing for healing the soil one must recite a prayer along the lines of:

O Goddess of Water Flutrane, bringer of healing and change. O twelve goddesses who serve by her side. Please hear my prayer and lend me your divine strength. Grant me the power to heal your sister, the Goddess of Earth Geduldh, who has been wounded by those who serve evil.[2]


Long ago, Fruhtrane was born the eldest child of the God of Darkness and the Goddess of Light.

After her sister, the Goddess of Earth was freed from her icy prison, it was Fruhtrane who washed away the melted ice.

Goddesses of Spring

Twelve goddesses of Spring serve Fruhtrane.

  • Goddess of Healing, 
  • Goddess of Birth,
  • Goddess of Love, Bluanfa
  • Goddess of Lightning, Fair Drenna
  • Goddess of the Sea,
  • Goddess of Fortune,
  • God of Business,
  • Goddess of Flowers,


  • The version of her name "Frühträne" translates from German to mean "Early Tears"
  • In Ehrenfest, Fruhtrane can be use as a term to refer to ones lover, or to refer to one who brings prosperity.
  • The cane is symbolized as ♠ on Main's playing cards.[1]  


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