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Gil (ギル Giru) is an apprentice priest from the church orphanage who spent more time being punished than not. Gil is assigned as one of Main's attendants along with Delia and Fran when she joins the Temple.


Gil was initially known as a sharp-tongued, violent troublemaker, singled out by the Grand Bishop as the church's most troublesome child. However, once Myne began to better fulfill her role as his teacher, Gil began to develop a more cheerful, responsible, and hard-working personality. Myne intuits that Gil initially did not know how to behave since Gil was never given a real opportunity or real emotional support, when Myne gave him all that, Gil learned to respect her and hold her in high esteem as his Master.

Gil also has a very kind heart, as he was the first person to implore Myne to save the Orphans and was the first to thank her with tears in his eyes.

He always does his job with great enthusiasm and joy to receive praise from Myne. He is naturally childish and impulsive.


When Main joined the church, The High Bishop assigned Gil to be one of her retainers, believing that the troublesome boy would give her a headache.

Due to Main’s ignorance that blue robed priests are supposed to provide for their retainers, Gil was left with no where to sleep and nothing to eat.


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