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Gunther is the father of Myne and Tuuli. He works as a captain for the city gate.


Gunther has blue hair and eyes and is often times seen wearing his work uniform consisting of a blue tunic.


Gunther is a doting father and is loves to talk about his family, especially his daughters to anyone who will listen. He is quite aggressive if his family is threatened and will put his himself at risk to defend them, this is shown a few times. At the temple defending Myne against the high Bishop twice even know he knows that attacking a noble is a sentence of death.


Gunther forgets something for work and Myne has to bring it over there.

Gunther decides Myne can head to the forest only after building up her stamina by demonstrating she can reach the south gate with other children. During the time Myne is gaining strength to make it all the way by herself, Myne meets Otto and he teaches her how to read and write.

As the story evolves and Myne becomes a Blue Shrine Maiden. Damuel warns Gunther that people may be out to harm her and to keep an eye on which Nobles go through the gate/s especially foreign Nobles. He takes this very seriously and is quick to inform the other gates on any information that Damuel passes on.

This leads to him getting promoted to being in charge of a gate after a Foreign Noble was let in after the Aud requested that all foreign nobles are not allowed in to the city. The previous gate Captain was told the information by Gunther but he failed to pass it on. This happens after Myne is attacked in the Temple by High priest and the foreign Noble attack Myne and her aids. Gunther was badly injured due to magic in the attack, which Myne later heals him.

He is still supportive of his daughter Myne, now Rosemyne with his family, when they are able to be, often checking on her at the various ceremonies from the door of the temple. He later gets to interact with her when she requests city guards to accompany her Nasse. Rosemyne always requests him to lead the attachment of solders and often talks to him and his solders during the meal.


- When Justus is seeking information about Myne from the solders at the gate where Gunther works. He is warned off by the solders not to bring up his daughters with Gunther as he will talk your ear off about them to you.

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