Leidenschaft (Lie-Din-Shaft) is the God of Fire and the season of Summer. His symbol is a spear and his noble color is blue.[1] He promotes the growth of life and training.

To gain his blessing for success in battle one must recite a prayer along the lines of:

O God of War Angriff, of the God of Fire Leidenschaft's exalted twelve, we pray that you grant them your divine protection.[2]


Leidenschaft was born the only son of the God of Darkness and the Goddess of Light.

After his sister, Geduldh was freed from her icy prison and his other sister, Fruhtrane allowed life to bloom, he aided that life with his warmth.

Gods of Fire

Twelve gods of Summer serve Leidenschaft.

  • God of Heroism, Angry Fie
  • God of Blacksmiths, Valkanifts
  • God of Breeding,
  • God of Hunting,
  • God of Mountains,
  • God of Passion,
  • God of Looking Far,
  • God of of Combat,


  • His name translates from German to mean "Passion".
  • The spear is symbolized as ♦ on Main's playing cards.[1]  


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