I'll make them for you if you just teach me how. Now that you've taught me about food this good, you're kind of like a god to me, so yeah. I've got your back, Myne.
— Lutz to Main after eating the paruecakes, Light Novel Volume 1 Chapter 12
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Lutz (ルッツ Ruttsu) is Main's childhood friend and partner. He starts helping Main as she starts getting out of the house more, and gets roped into helping her with her many, many projects along the way to making her precious books. Main considers him the Gutenberg of selling books.


Lutz is a young boy, being the same age as Main. He has short blond hair, and emerald eyes.


Born as the youngest of the four brothers in his family, Lutz always gets the short end of the stick. He mentions how his food gets taken away by his brothers and never gets enough. During the second arc, Lutz also grumbles about how his brothers takes his belongings as if it were theirs, so his things are never safe at home.


Since Lutz always gets the short end as the youngest in the family, he is very patient and kind to others. He only ever loses control of his emotions when Main's safety is concerned or his family disapproves his dream to be a merchant.


Lutz is introduced as the boy her age from the neighborhood in Main's memory. He is kind and helpful to her, even offering to carry her to the gate. He sought her help when he heard about Otto, a former traveling merchant from her to introduce him.

In order to become a traveling merchant, he is willing to help Main as much as she needs, though he accepts the compromise Main staged to become a merchant instead during his meeting with Otto and Benno. Benno soon becomes impressed with his capacity to accompany Main and her recklessness. Then Benno assigned Lutz to be Main's health manager.

Lutz starts to get suspicious of Main's abnormal behavior and vast knowledge but he decides to wait until they complete Benno's test. After they finished making the paper prototypes, Lutz confronts her to tell the truth and Myne reveals her secret. At first, he thought she killed the real Main but realizes no one would be willingly trapped in a body of a sickly girl, so he accepts her, as she is the Main he knows and befriended.


  • Lutz was the first person to find out that Main's body had been taken over by Urano's memories and desires. The second was Ferdinand.
  • Lutz may be capable of wielding a minor variant of the crushing, as in the Light Novel, Main describes his eyes as being brighter than normal when he retaliates against Gil after Gil pushed Main over.
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