Schutzaria (Shoot-Zair-ee-ah) is the Goddess of Wind and the season of Autumn. Her symbol is a shield and her noble color is yellow.[1]

To gain her blessing for protection, one must recite a prayer along the lines of:

O Goddess of Wind Schutzaria, protector of all. O twelve goddesses who serve by her side. Please hear my prayer and lend me your divine strength. Grant me your shield of wind, so that I might blow away those who mean to cause harm.[2]


Long ago, Schutzaria was born the third child of the God of Darkness and the Goddess of Light.

When the God of Life returned to try and recapture her sister, the Goddess of Earth, Schutzaria unleashed a powerful wind to keep him away.

Gods of Autumn

Twelve goddesses of Autumn serve Schutzaria.

  • Goddess of Wisdom, Mestionola
  • Goddess of Art,
  • Goddess of Time,
  • Goddess of Gales,
  • Goddess of Patience
  • Goddess of Harvests,
  • Goddess of Salvation,


  • Her name is a combination of two words. German "Schutz", meaning "Protection" and Italian "Aria, meaning "Air". Thus, her name can be taken to mean "Protective Air" keeping in line with the motive of her shield.
  • The shield is symbolized as ● on Main's playing cards.[1]


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