• Season Two: The World of Magicaidia:

    Intellectual Middle Earth:  Magicaidian's Nation:

    Main Myne: Invented Paper in Middle Earth Duplication Copy Paper, thriving business for the economy however not so much for the Wood, Forest trees. Main uses her brain: using Technology as her tool. The world might consider going paperless (Eventually.) Something to Consider:

    Creating Innovated: Etch Sketch Pad:

    (1.) Rectangle Plastic Cassette in shape: of a (1.) Folded Box Panel: with a One Inch Dip: (2.) Sand (3.) Plexy Glass (4.) T-Axle Steel Bars: Slider Piece (5.) Option: String and Polly (5.) Dell Rod Controller

    Audio Book Cassette:

                         (1.) Built in Small Audio Sett Recorder, 
                         (2.) Tiny Rom Disk,
                         (3.)  Connected to a Book Cover:

    The Little Innovator also created After: The Magna Doddle Drawer Sand Box: with a Magic Writing Pen: with slide Eraser.

    Former Plug Wiring Tablets once ruled the whole net-work technology before wireless Tech. (Wiring Tech :) ribbon tape drive recorder, Wheeler film tape projector, photo flash film and paper print were once in-tell imprint memory systems, similar to glass panel water colour painting, before Digital Tech happened.

    Rubber Floppy Disk Tape, Micro Rom Disk Tapes, Three Dimensional Floppy Film Projector disk, Patainuium Records, Flat Panel Disk tape Insert drive, Bata tape Disk Drive, Battery Powered Calculators and V.H,S Drive Recorders, came long Before C.D.'s; Blue Ray, DVD Metal Disk, and Three-Dimensional; Magna Sand Box Doddle Drawers ever arrived.

    The plug, batteries became the first electrical fuse Insert drive and the creator of many more machines. Electric Power lines and Hydro Plants became an essential Insert Copy Drive Service Replicator beside Gas and oil Resources another story.

    Ribbon Drive Tapes Recorder; Wiring Rubber Insert Insulation Protector Covering, Sticky Cellar Tape rapped became cohesive barrior for everything. Telephone wiring Booth's, Dial and Portal Digital Telephones :(created Plug, Electrical In-tricket Coded Pathways).

    Before the Magna Doddle Drawing Sand Board's: with a Magical Pen: Once a Jax's connected to the Wire Computer Tablet's dominated the Nation before Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth, bouncing disciple Air Waves.

    Less Paper is eventually used in the Micro: Desk-Top Processor, the Web Internet, and the Processor Wireless Tablet Internet, to find and Search for Information instead of using; books, Magazines, Flyers, and New Papers once were over barring. Ownership, Shared Files: Duplicate Scan, Fax or Print: Transferring data seem like work: A Lot of Copies to complete and send.

    The Internet Web Search and the Web Display Case: travels a lot faster to find, Write Information, transferring Info Data to Globule Local Nation; Similar to a Mail-Box Nation Wide: Out-Post Office.


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