• Main Myne: Library and Technology:

    Main Myne does not have to stop becoming a Librarian however the truth is Librarian Cover Books is being converted to the Tech-World. Paper is becoming lighter and lighter; soon to be in the historical Past but however with Carbon Copies Labels the Public cannot get rid of it all together their is still a need.

    (1.) "Register Signing Post: with a magical Scroll Digital Tablet Clip-Board and a Pen"

    The Post Service once transferred Letters, Forms, Ex-Travel Boxes Items to around the World Globule Nation: Airplane, Delivery Vans or Truck, with a Carrier Knapsacks. A Postal Person once researched the Postal Code Resident, Industrial Addresses, Sent Personal mail to every house hold and those who need it and also respected Area Communities Property Owners.

    Email became a faster link to Nation planet however also brings its abuse as well; Viral and Repetition freeze,Security Problems and Junk mail. Everything has it Pro-and Cons.   The whole idea Readers is suppost use less paper.   

    Still in the Process:

    We well get there!

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