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Vilma is a character that appears in the Ascendance of a Bookworm series.

Along with Rosina, Vilma was a former attendant of Blue shrine maiden Christine when she was a priestess in the Temple. After Christine leaves, Vilma takes care of the children in the Temple's Orphanage.

After Christine leaves the Temple her attendants are returned to the orphanage. A Blue-Robed Priest tries to rape her which causes her to hide in the orphanage and causes her fear of men.

Myne offers her to become her attendant but she is does not want to accept due fear of men and also she does not want to leave the children as she has became the defect o mother to unbaptized children. Rosina gives Myne insight in to Wilma troubles and the reason why she is hesitant. Mynes offers Wilma to became an attendant again with some with some favourable terms, allowing her stay in the orphanage and when Myne visits the orphanage she only brings female attendants to respect Wilma fears.

Vilma's artistic talent was in painting, which Myne then puts to use in the crafts she is making.

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